Workshop 3 Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development 2018-09-19T09:32:37+00:00

Workshop 3: Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

The third and last stakeholders’ workshop will be organised in Cairo in August 2018. The aim of the workshop will be to determine a clear structure for the required ‘Employability and Transferable Skills’ that ensure graduates and early-career practitioners are: a. skilled up and prepared to proactively engage and have impact on the construction sector to enhance sustainable practices in various areas of the built environment, and b. critically reflective on own and others’ practice, adaptable and flexible to team work, and recognising and respecting to different perspectives within the construction sector.

Achieving sustainable development in Egypt requires a significant paradigm shift throughout the society as well as the engagement of stakeholders from educators, practitioners, developers, NGOs and policy makers. This engagement at a local level needs to be supported by the partnership and engagement of international experts to facilitate a collective action towards the shared goals of sustainable development.