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Workshop 2: Interdisciplinary Potential

The second stakeholders’ workshop was organised in Cairo in March 2018. The aim of the workshop was to determine the potential for interdisciplinarity approaches to be integrated into the education curricula. The aim of the workshop was also to determine a clear structure for the required skills that ensure graduates and early-career practitioners are: a. skilled up and prepared to proactively engage and have impact on the construction sector to enhance sustainable practices in various areas of the built environment, and b. critically reflective on own and others’ practice, adaptable and flexible to team work, and recognising and respecting to different perspectives within the construction sector.
The second workshop was also used as an opportunity to gather additional questionnaire data to provide insight into current education and practice of sustainable design in Egypt, with a sample of academics and practitioners responding to a variety of questions. These questionnaires are used to establish a strategic framework for embedding sustainability within Architectural training in Egypt.