Theme 4 UEL-ASU Dual Degree Framework 2019-01-27T15:23:03+00:00

Theme 4 UEL-ASU Dual Degree Framework

The BC-SDBE project resulted in the development and validation of three dual degree undergraduate programmes by University of East London at Ain Shams University (ASU) in August 2018. The dual degree programmes are: Environmental Architecture and Urbanism, Building Engineering, and Computer Engineering and Software Systems. The fourth training programme was held between 14 and 22 January 2019 at UEL where twelve academics from ASU representing the three newly validated programmes attended. The focus of the training has been on the quality assurance processes in the UK higher education, particularly at UEL. The aim of the programme was to raise academics’ awareness to the various areas that contribute to the education and learning of the students registered on the dual degrees.

The programme familiarised the attendees with the processes of enrolment and registration of students, access to UEL Systems (UEL Direct, Moodle), and the planning of the academic calendar. The training programme extended into an overview of assessment design, marking systems, and feedback methods implemented at UEL delivered by the Academic Link Tutors on the three programmes. UEL academic regulations, students’ engagement and assessment board processes were then introduced by UEL’s Quality Assurance team. As the attendees were all from the Faculty of Engineering at ASU; the Building Research Establishment (BRE) hosted the group on a visit to BRE’s Innovation Park in Watford. The group were introduced to state-of-the-art technologies and building prototypes recently developed and tested for the UK affordable housing market. Finally, ASU academics had the opportunity to meet with the UK professional bodies accrediting UEL programmes, such as the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), to discuss the process of applying for accreditation of the dual degree programmes at ASU.

The Faculty of Engineering at ASU is now acknowledged as the first practical government college to facilitate a dual degree certificate to students from a UK university. It is hoped that the programmes will help develop more sustainability aware graduates and a future workforce that can support the delivery of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 which will boost sustainability and socio-economic growth in Egypt.